When we decide to renovate our bathroom, today more than yesterday, we pay our attention to aesthetics and design, without undervalue the functional aspect of the products that make it up: washbasins, sanitary ware, bathtubs or shower cubicles. Among all these products, the most widely used for further physiological reasons is the WC. For these reason, it can happen that it could have some problems. Despite the worker’s careful and professional installation, very often we are in difficult situations such as toilets’ clogging and the subsequent obstruction of the collecting and discharge pipes. How it can be happened if our plumber has perfectly made his job? Simply because the waste water through the pipes clash not only with the suitable wastes, such as solid organic wastes and toilet paper, but also with unsuitable objects that can damage the pump clogging the wc. Sanisplit is the right solution for us. Sanisplit is a macerator box and can be connected to any type of WC with a wall discharge to European standards and it comprises two main units: an initial water-collecting unit fixed in a permanent manner onto the water closet and the other appliances, and a second extractable unit including the mechanisms needed for its operation.Sanisplit Macerator Box

The first fixed unit is a plastic box directly connected to the plumber system with the purpose of pump under pressure the discharges of the sanitary fittings located in  both the bathroom or the kitchen ( dishwasher, washing machine, etc.). The locking occurs by insert the WC discharge into the rubber coupling on the tank and fixing it with the clip supplied; because of the discharge connection takes place in the back of Sanisplit, all those pipes, connectors, valves etc. that inevitable spoil the appearance of a bathroom can disappear; otherwise, the second removable unit of Sanisplit has a pump able to chop and expel acid, fatty hot water faeces and toilet paper through a 32 or 40 mm diameter pipe to the nearest sewer.  Sanisplit is a true technology for your bathroom. Today you can buy it easily from home through the online selling.

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