Tecma SaniSplit Combi 3 Macerator & Grey Water Pump


The package of Sanisplit 3 Combi contains:

  • SANISPLIT 3 Combi / Profisplit
  • several plugs for the combination
  • Instruction manual
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The Sanisplit 3 Combi / Profisplit is a shredder box designed to be used and connected with any WC with wall outlet in accordance with European, sink, shower, bathtub, bidet, sink, washing machine and dishwasher. The product is ideal for reaching the drain of the bathroom which is located far away and still be the possibility of installing a toilet at a distance from the drain thus avoiding masonry work that would be too costly. The Sanisplit 3 Combi allows to push and triturate the water at a distance up to a temperature of 100 ° C. The locking takes place by inserting the toilet flushing the toilet in the rubber sleeve which comes out of the box and fastened with a cable tie supplied. The waste outlet of the other beach users or kitchen occurs in the back of the unit, allowing the disappearance of all those pipes, fittings, valves and clamps, which affects the aesthetics of a room to the bathroom, still allowing the possibility of apply external piping.

What you can do with Sanisplit 3 Combi Mod. 600?

You can recreate a bathroom far from the original one due to Tecma SaniSplit Combi 3 Macerator & Grey Water Pump
It avoids costly and long-lasting masonry work
The pipeline can be completely hidden
The removable drive can be removed without removing the bowl and toilet pipes, maintaining clean work.
The Sanisplit can be installed away from the exhaust of the original WC
The Sanisplit allows pumping both vertically and horizontally

The packaging of Sanisplit 3 Combi Contains:

Sanisplit 3 Combi
several plugs for the combination
Instruction manual

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 25 cm


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