Terms Of Sale

Terms of Sale:


The prices shown are including VAT at 22%. The offer and sale of products of www.sanisplit.it are governed by these Terms of Sale.

We invite you to read carefully the conditions listed below, in print and / or save them in another durable medium of your choice. The information contained in the General Conditions are to be read and accepted by the Customer before the purchase order, this in order to fully satisfy the conditions laid down in Articles. 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree. N. 185/1999. The products purchased on www.sanisplit.it are sold directly by the DEA SAS Emanuela De Antonis & C. (after DEA SAS) These general conditions of sale govern the relationship between the customer and DEA SAS regarding the purchase of products made remotely via telematics / internet, on the site www.sanisiplit.it
All purchase orders sent to www.sanisplit.it must be correctly filled in their entirety and must contain the elements necessary for the precise identification of products ordered, the customer and the place of delivery of products.
The contract is concluded, and is binding on both parties, when the confirmation of the purchase order is sent to the customer; This order confirmation will be sent by email to the email address indicated by the customer. DEA SAS reserves the right not to accept orders incomplete or not properly completed. It excludes any right of the Customer to damages or compensation, and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or property, caused by the rejection, even partial, of an order.


Unless otherwise specified by the DEA SAS delivery means to the street level. Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check: – that the number of boxes is the same as indicated in the transport document in advance by e-mail and applied on the neck; – The packaging is intact, not damaged or wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials (adhesive tape or metal). Any damage to the packaging and / or product or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately notified, subject to control WRITTEN on the proof of delivery courier. Once signed the document courier, the customer can not make any objection about the appearance of what was delivered. Any problems concerning the physical, correspondence or completeness of the order of the products received must be reported within 24 hours from delivery, as provided herein, these past seven days from the delivery can not be done. In the case of repeated inability to deliver to the address indicated by the Customer, the goods remain in storage for 5 days at the warehouses of courier. Such terms expired order will automatically be canceled and charged to the customer of storage and shipping costs. In the event that the customer does not accept the goods (reason non-payment, failure to take the goods) the goods should be in stock and is returned in the following days with an additional expense to be paid to the courier upon delivery. Transportation costs are indicated in the order summary page, and are valid within Italian borders. If the purchase order provides for the transport of goods outside the Italian borders, the shipping costs will vary according to the geographical area of ​​delivery, the weight, the volume and the total value of the goods.


All products sold by the DEA SAS through www.sanisplit.it site are protected as required by law, the manufacturer’s standard warranty (warranty made by the firm DIBITEC Italian company). To take advantage of these extended warranties, the customer must refer directly to the manufacturer and its direct assistance centers. The guarantee of 24 months according to DL 24/02 applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided it is used correctly, respecting its intended use and as provided in the technical documentation. To use the warranty, the customer will keep the invoice or receipt that will receive with the product purchased or the invoice that will be sent later. In case of lack of conformity, DEA SAS will, the restoration of conformity by repair / replacement or reduction of price, until the termination of the contract. In any case, the customer must send the object whose claims the alleged non-compliance in the business office of the DEA SAS in Via Terrano, 9 in Civita Castellana (VT). If, as a result of carried out a technical check directly from the manufacturer, the defect should not be a lack of conformity pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/02, the customer will be charged for any costs of verification and recovery required from authorized, as well as costs of transport if supported by the DEA SAS.


The delivery time of each product present on the site in most cases oscillates for countries in the European community from 3 to 10 days. The DEA sas will not be responsible for the delay in making delivery later than expected if the delay is caused by circumstances to force majeure and not controllable by the seller (ex. Problems in the production of good, delay on the part of suppliers, causes weather, etc). Therefore, all buyers are advised not to proceed with the construction, renovation, plumbing, etc in relation to the delivery time agreed upon with the seller as to the nature, causes uncontrollable may not be respected, and therefore wait for the delivery made of property purchased before proceeding with important jobs in the home. If the buyer fails to comply with the above, suffering damages for late delivery, the DEA SAS is deemed totally exonerated from any responsibility.


For people or companies not resident in Italy accept payments only by bank transfer or credit card through Pay Pal. We accept all major credit cards and prepaid cards registered to the PayPal system. Your financial data will not be shared with our company but will be handled entirely by PayPal .The sales contract between the customer and DEA SAS is concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law. For the solution of civil and criminal litigation arising from the conclusion of this sale contract, the local jurisdiction is the only forum of Viterbo in Italy.

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